Sexed semen. Reasons for reduced fertility and the possibility of accurate quality assessment
Piotr Gogol
Importance of factors in the process of stimulating and maintaining lactation in seasonal sheep
Edyta Molik Michał Błasiak Karolina Nahajło

Animal genetics and breeding

The application of a EURL-AP recommended protocol for detection of ruminant DNA in feed and meat
Małgorzata Natonek-Wiśniewska Piotr Krzyścin

Animal nutrition and feedstuffs

Effect of feed enzymes on performance, carcass quality and ileal amino acid digestibility inbroiler chickens fed diets containing solvent-extracted rapeseed meal
Franciszek Brzóska Bogdan Śliwiński
Effect of naked oat on fattening and slaughter parameters and selected blood parametersof White Kołuda® geese
Halina Bielińska Mariusz Pietras Sylwia Orczewska-Dudek Rafał Sandecki Kamila Kłos
Effect of diets with non-GM soybean expeller on body weight, carcass quality and aminoacid digestibility in broilerchickens
Józef Śliwa Franciszek Brzóska
Selenium content in consumer milk in Poland
Franciszek Brzóska Bogdan Śliwiński Mariusz Pietras

Behaviour, well-being, production technology, and environment

Selected milk quality parameters of Olkuska sheep as affected by grazing in xerothermic grasslands of Festuco-Brometea class
Kamila Musiał Jacek Walczak Joanna Pawłowska