Reviewing procedures

The reviewing procedures for the papers published in the journal “Roczniki Naukowe Zootechniki” (in accordance with the Communication of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 29 May 2013)

  • The papers are assessed by two independent reviewers affiliated to scientific institutions different from the author’s institution; the reviewers are independent academics – specialists in the field.
  • The authors and the reviewers are not informed about each other’s identity (a double-blind review process);
  • The written review includes the reviewer's explicit statement concerning acceptance for publication or rejection of the submitted paper.
  • Manuscripts with one negative review are rejected for publication.
  • The criteria for acceptance or rejection of a publication and the possible review form are made public on the journal’s website and in every issue of the journal (see the Instructions to Authors: General Rules);
  • The names of reviewers of individual publications or journal issues are not disclosed;
  • The list of reviewers is published annually in the year-end issue and on the journal’s website.