The role of thyroid hormones in sheep lactation
Edyta Molik Zuzanna Flis Monika Staroń Klaudia Hell

Animal genetics and breeding

Daily feed intake as related to fattening, slaughter and meat quality parameters in pigs evaluated at testing stations
Mirosław Tyra Aurelia Mucha Robert Eckert
Analysis of the state of breeding and selected performance traits of mountain sheep over the last decade
Aldona Kawęcka

The biology, physiology, reproduction, and health

The effect of TCDD on concentration of steroid hormones in oviduct of the domestic hen (Gallus domesticus)
Andrzej Sechman Katarzyna Wróbel Maria Mika

Animal nutrition and feedstuffs

The effect of feeding corn silage on weight gains and meat quality of lambs
Joanna Marć-Pieńkowska Jan Mikołajczak Krzysztof Grzybowski