Epigenetic mechanisms and the possibilities of epigenetic modulation in the ontogenesis of mammals
Marcin Samiec Maria Skrzyszowska
The role of the National Research Institute of Animal Production in the development of cryopreservation technology of livestock biological material and its use in ex situ conservation
Monika Trzcińska Magdalena Bryła
The role of sheep colostrum bioactive substances in the organism’s development
Edyta Molik Sebastian Gogola

Animal genetics and breeding

Parameters of fattening performance, slaughter performance and meat quality as related to feed conversion efficiency
Mirosław Tyra Aurelia Mucha Robert Eckert
Possibilities for optimizing Landrace pig meatiness through selection and breeding work
Grzegorz Żak Aurelia Mucha
Polymorphism in the myostatin gene (MSTN) as related to growth and slaughter value of Ross 308 broilers
Urszula Kaczor Katarzyna Połtowicz Dominik Bzdziuła Joanna Nowak

The biology, physiology, reproduction, and health

Assessment of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)-, luteinizing hormone (LH)-, estrogen (α and β)- and progesterone (PR) receptors mRNA expression in the gonads and liver of chicken (Gallus domesticus) embryo
Agnieszka Grzegorzewska
The role of glutamic acid in the regulation of rabbit adrenal activity in the secretion of catecholamines – preliminary research
Izabela Szpręgiel Danuta Wrońska Sylwia Pałka Michał Kmiecik Bogdan F. Kania

Behaviour, well-being, production technology, and environment

Evaluation of dairy building climate conditions to meet cow welfare requirements
Krzysztof Górski Magda Jaroszuk Katarzyna Andraszek

Economics and the organization of animal production

The economic efficiency of the production of fattening pigs fed with domestic protein sources as a replacement for GM soybean meal
Marcin Sońta Anna Rekiel Justyna Więcek Martyna Batorska