Genetic, individual and nutritional factors affecting daily intake and feed conversion efficiency
Mirosław Tyra Aurelia Mucha Robert Eckert Grzegorz Żak Martyna Małopolska
The role of sheep’s milk antioxidants
Edyta Molik Julia Musiał Zuzanna Flis
Genetic and non-genetic factors influencing the coat color of domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris)
Iga Peist Sylwia Pałka Łukasz Migdał
Properties of garlic (Allium sativum) and its potential use in animal husbandry
Iwona Radkowska Piotr Wójcik Agata Karpowicz

Animal genetics and breeding

MSC cells isolated from the bone marrow of transgenic pigs properly differentiate into chondrocites and osteoblasts but not into adipocytes in vitro
Jolanta Opiela Joanna Jurkiewicz Lechosław Gajda Agnieszka Wierzchoś-Hilczer
Productivity, milk composition and reasons for leaving the herds of Ukrainian local cows and their crossbreeds with Brown Swiss and Montbeliarde breeds during five lactations
Oleksandr O. Borshch Serhii Ruban Oleksandr V. Borshch Vasyl Malina Maksym Fedorchenko Lesia Kosior Lesia Korol-Bezpala
Genetic diseases in purebred dogs
Magdalena Pieszka Dominika Luboń Jarosław Łuszczyński Ksenia Pieszka

Behaviour, well-being, production technology, and environment

Effect of housing system on calf behaviour and occurrence of redirected behaviours and stereotypies
Iwona Radkowska
Development of the agricultural innovation, technological changes and barriers of family farms in the Podlaskie and Podkarpackie voivodeship
Anna Borecka Joanna Pawłowska
Cultural grazing in the Western Carpathians’ national parks - organizational and institutional aspects
Kamila Musiał